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Careers in Aeronautics

Air travel has become an integral part of society’s daily lives. Today’s society is much more connected today thanks to air travel than ever before. A trip across the United States that 100 years ago would have taken months now can be completed in hours. According to a New York Times there are more than 30,000 flights daily carrying over two million passengers. Because of the volume of flights, coupled with the shortage of qualified pilots and mechanics, careers in aviation have a bright outlook.

There are many potential reasons for these shortages that will result in a bright outlook for those interested in entering the aviation field. In looking at pilots some of the factors include the mandatory retirement age of 65, new training requirements, increased rest time between flights and the loss of pilots to overseas airlines. Add in the facts that between “2000 and 2012 the unemployment rate for pilots was just 2.7%” and that “last year 11 out of the 12 regional airlines have fallen short of their hiring targets” this leads to great promise in the outlook for a career as a pilot. CNN reports that over the next 20 years there will be a demand for almost half a million pilots worldwide. In the United States alone according to a GAO report airlines will be hiring 1,900 to 4,500 pilots each year. These numbers show that for someone interested in becoming a pilot the outlook is very bright.

In addition to the shortage of pilots in the industry there has also been a shortage of qualified mechanics. When looking at the field there have been decreased opportunities as well as decreased salary and benefits in these positions over recent history due to the various mergers completed over the past decade. Add in the cost of training for aviation mechanics couple with the fact that there are fewer schools to train them and the fact that auto mechanics made more over the last decade and it is clear why there has been a shortage.

However, given that these airlines are now merged and seeing greater profits and dealing with a shortage of qualified individuals it is expected that the salary and benefits for these positions will be on the rise. Overall given these factors this bodes well for an individual looking to get into this career.

Ultimately it is clear that there are many factors that have resulted in a staffing shortage when it comes to aviation positions. It is also clear that because of these shortages that individuals looking to move into this field will have many opportunities and that the outlook is bright for those interested in this field.

Technological Advances in the Flight Suit Industry

 The first thought that comes to mind when most people hear the term “flight suit” is something out of science fiction or the movies, such as the suit Iron Man wears. However, the first flight suits were designed simply to keep pilots warm and ensure there were enough pockets to hold all of their necessities. A lot has changed since the first flight suits were worn and we are no closer than ever to having an Iron Man style flight suit.

There are currently two suits out there that could serve as a building point for the flight suit of the future. These are the Raytheon XOS 2 and the Human Universal Load Carrier (HULC). Both of these serve as an exoskeleton that enable the wearer to lift large amounts of weight and exert significant force with very minimal effort on the part of the wearer.

These suits also allow full mobility of the wearer with the HULC having a “flexible design that allows for deep squats, crawls and upper-body lifting” (Lockheed Martin, 2014) and the XOS 2 being “agile and graceful enough to let its wearer kick a soccer ball, punch a speed bag or climb stairs and ramps with ease” (Raytheon, 2010). However, currently neither of these suits has the capability of flying, but can serve as the basic structure for future innovations.

Using those exoskeletons as a starting point, innovators could incorporate jet pack technology or similar propulsion systems to give the individual wearer a short burst that would allow temporary flight. However, with these types of flights being measured in feet and seconds rather than miles and hours a solution for longer flights has not been found, yet.

Looking at the information out there NASA has come up with the idea of a personal flight suit, the Puffin. The Puffin concept design would be “electric powered”, be “12-foot (3.7 m) long”, and have a “14.5-foot (4.4 m) wingspan” (NASA, 2010). This design for a personal flying suit could eventually be integrated into the exoskeleton design resulting in a true flight suit that operates similarly to those in the movies.

While there are no current suits available that do all of things future flight suits will be able to, fly, super human strength, and computer integration, the technology currently exists just not in one complete package. In looking at today’s technology available, from the exoskeletons that allow the wearer to lift large amounts of weight, to jet packs and eventually personal flight suits that allow individuals to fly, to Google glass that allow the wearer to have access to a computer through their eyes, it is clear that the many of the individual components that will eventually comprise the future flight suit exist today.

The question is not if someone will combine these technologies to create a true flight suit out of the movies, but instead when will someone do it. In conclusion, given the rapidly advancing technology available it is not unforeseeable to see these types of flight suits in the not so distant future.

6 Tips for Military Spouses


Having a service member as a significant other can, undeniably, prove challenging. Sometimes it may feel like the two of you are apart more than you are together. And dealing with your spouse’s deployment and the realities of relocating every few years, may sometimes seem like a struggle with no end in sight. While life as a military spouse will never be all champagne and roses, it doesn’t have to be a never ending bout of depression either. These six tips can help you to get a better grip on your role as a military husband or wife.


1. Don’t be afraid to rely on others for moral support. When your spouse is away, having other people to depend on can help you to better cope with the situation. It is important to have good relationships with family members and friends regardless of whether your significant other is in the military or not, but those connections are all the more important if you are dealing with the stresses of military life. Friendships with other military spouses, especially those currently living on base with you, can prove beneficial in more ways than one. Being able to talk to someone who cannot only understand, but relate to your situation and having someone nearby who you can depend on if you need help, can help support a more positive attitude while your spouse is away.


2. Respect military rules (formal and informal). Base rules aren’t just for service members, anyone living on base is expected to adhere the particular set of laws put in place on base. Failure to do so could result in quite a bit of embarrassment in addition to disciplinary action. Though it is not a legal matter, whether or not you keep in line with military etiquette is of much import. Knowing how to address certain people, how to dress when you are on base, and all of the other informal laws of the military, can make life as a military spouse much easier.


3. Don’t leave too much time on your hands. An idle mind is never a good thing. If while your significant other is busy fulfilling his or her duties, you are sitting at home with more time than tasks, you are opening the door for negative thoughts to take over your mind. You’ll soon start to feel a heavier impact of loneliness and a string of other emotions that are equally unpleasant. By planning your days so that work, school, volunteering, socializing, hobbies, or any other activities requiring your time and attention, leave little room for lounging about with nothing to do but think, think, think, you can have better control over the flood of emotions related to your marriage to a service member.


4. Use military benefits whenever you can. Being a military spouse means that you are eligible to receive various benefits and discounts. Some discounts might have a monetary value of $15, while some benefits could hold a monetary value upwards of thousands of dollars. If you are living on a strict budget however, anything can help. If it’s there for you, why not take advantage?


5. Be prepared to go with the flow. When you are in the military, sometimes plans can change quicker than you can react to those changes. As a military spouse you are expected to be able to handle any changes that might come your and your significant other’s way. It is helpful to make plans for the future, but by having an open mind and accepting that those plans may not come into fruition, you can make things much easier on yourself.

Made In America



It’s a well-known fact, where a product is manufactured can have a substantial impact on the quality of the product. Products made in America, specifically clothing and other textile related goods, are more often than not recognized as high quality items. So what is it that makes clothing and textiles made in America a better buy than products made is some other countries?


Government Regulation. The U.S government places regulations and restrictions on most of the items that are manufactured within the country. These regulations help to ensure that any products made in America are going to be safe for consumers and of an acceptable quality. That’s not to say products made outside of the country can’t be quality merchandise. However, to ensure that the clothing that the men and women serving in the U.S military wear is of the highest quality and safety, the government mandates that all of their gear be made right here in the U.S and adhere to strict requirements. Carter Industries’ high quality Nomex Flight Suits and ICVC Crewmen’s Coveralls are all manufactured in the United States of America.


Economy. What can we do to boost the U.S economy? It’s a question that’s been posed in private and public forums alike. Though there is no single or simple solution, buying products that are “Made in the USA” can help to stimulate the country’s economy. Increased manufacturing in America leads to increased job opportunities for Americans which can lead to a healthier national and global economy.


Customer Service and Support. Though it can’t be said for all companies who manufacture products in America, most have a high record of customer service satisfaction. Perhaps you have purchased items from some other countries and contacted them to resolve a simple issue, only to have more issues than you began with. With America’s culture endorsing the need for “faster than lightning” service and “more than the most efficient” support, sellers are driven to provide top quality customer care in an effort to compete.

 “Carter Industries has been recognized by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) for maintaining the highest level of customer service and support in the flight suit industry”


You might be able to get products similar to products that are made in the U.S.A, but they aren’t guaranteed to be the same. If you know that buying American made merchandise will provide you with quality regulated items, the ability to help improve the economy, and a strong customer support system, why would you want to purchase products made anywhere else in the world?

The Top 5 Military Benefits for Veterans



It is well known that the valiant members in our country, who have served in any branch of the U.S Armed Forces, have access to some exclusive benefits. Anyone who has served or is currently serving in the U.S Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, or Navy is eligible to receive benefits pertaining to college tuition, housing loans, life insurance, and health care. There are however, many additional benefits available to those who have served our country. Below you will find a list of five veteran benefits that not everyone knows about.


1. Care for Elderly. Veterans may qualify to receive help paying for home care, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities for themselves or their spouses. With help from the Aid and Attendance program, veterans and their families don’t have to carry the burden of high costs associated with old-age care all on their own. Qualifying veterans can receive up to $25,000 annually.


2. Certification Programs. Recruiters for the U.S Armed Forces are sure to let their new recruits know about the four year college tuition that the military offers to help with. What they don’t usually tell the men and women who have recently enlisted or are interested in enlisting is that veterans are also eligible to receive up to $2,000 for certification programs or other forms of vocational training.


3. Retail and Restaurant Discounts. Many retail stores and restaurants offer people who are serving or have served in the U.S Armed forces, discounts on their products and services. One such store is Apple. The well-known retailer’s popular electronics are available to veterans at a discounted rate, usually 5-10%. There is a special online site that veterans can purchase the discounted goods through or veterans can receive their discount on iPhones, macs, and a wide range of other products in Apple stores.


4. Tax Preparation Services. Preparing taxes can be a real hassle. If you are veteran, you can make filing your taxes less of a challenge by taking advantage of the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance office on your local military base. Free tax preparation is provided by highly trained volunteers through the VITA program available to veterans. Why struggle to prepare your taxes when there are plenty of experienced and helpful individuals ready and able to help you with your taxes?


5. Discounted Homes.  Veterans might be aware of the home loans that they are eligible to receive, but might not be aware of the discounts on certain homes that they can lay claim to. Veterans are able to purchase foreclosed homes that were financed with VA loans at a discount.

The Various Benefits of Coveralls

Protective overalls, or coveralls,  is durable gear that is used in many different professions as a shield from the elements around those who wear them. Though many people view them as simplistic way to be dressed for work, they offer many benefits. There are a variety of different types of coveralls, made from lightweight to heavy, and offering various levels of protection.


Warmth is one of the greatest features of coveralls. Laborers, such as military officials who run the flight deck of an aircraft carrier, can often use these to stay protected from many outdoor elements including the bitter cold air during the winter season. The various weights can keep you protected, no matter the condition. There are also waterproof options that will keep you dry and warm, despite weather conditions.


Another feature of coveralls is their visibility (or lack thereof in some cases). Highway workers may use a bright orange coverall to remain highly visible to motor vehicles. In regards to the lower visibility coveralls, these are most  often used by the United States military. The standard color scheme is UCP, or Universal Camouflage Pattern. This helps to ensure that the soldiers blend in with the terrain and are not easily visible. The desert brush color pattern was tested in urban, woodland, and desert environments and was found to perform the best across the board; because of this, the desert brush pattern was chosen as the standard design for the U.S. military coveralls.


Perhaps the most important feature of coveralls is their durability. As mentioned above, the United States military uses ICVC, or Improved Combat Vehicle Crewman’s, coveralls to protect their soldiers from dangerous outdoor conditions. Not only does this include weather, but also  other harsh elements such as, scratching branches, or even splashing waves from the sea. For workers that are in contact with dangerous chemicals, there are impermeable coveralls to protect the bodies of those workers. There are also fire resistant coveralls made for firefighters, racecar drivers, or military pilots. Using fire resistant materials, such as Nomex®, helps to ensure that the suit does not catch on fire and ultimately harm its wearer.

Overall, there are many uses for coveralls, however they are often underused in many professions, despite their many features. Different jobs and aspects of the military can use a variety of different coveralls to their advantage. Because of our quality materials and excellent customer service, for years Carter has been the manufacture of choice for both flight suits and coveralls.

27/p Nomex Flight Suit Vs. MK14a Royal Air Force Flight Suit

Flight suits have long been a key factor in safety for pilots around the world. Some of the most popular flight suits on the market today are the 27/p Nomex flight suit and the MK14a Royal Air Force Flight suit or, RAF for short. These suits are both high quality garments that protect users from the various dangerous associated with flying a plane. Although both products do serve a purpose research has suggested that the American made 27/p Nomex is more effective because of the various safety features it provides. Below are some key points about the differences in each of these flight suits:

The 27/p Nomex is sewn to exact military specifications featuring the patented Nomex material. This material is not a lubricant that you simply put on the suit, but made of actual fibers that are sewn into the suit which is comprised of a blend of 92% meta-aramid, 5% para-aramid, and 3% conductive fibers. This material is flame-resistant and was designed for pilots in case they wound up in the worst of conditions. Due to its quality construction, the Nomex flight suit material is extremely light weight and does not fade due to its superior quality.

While the MK14a RAF unit is manufactured to the exact specifications of the British Royal Air force and does have flame-resistant material, the features of the Nomex flight suit, worn by all U.S flight crews, contour to the body in a more exact manner and offer a better fit. The Nomex flight suit has features such as an adjustable waist belt with hook loop closures that align the contours of the suit to your body and makes for a more concise frame which prevents snags or rips. Furthermore the 27/p has a Bi-Swing back that allows for more comfort and improves the range of motion due to the construction of the material.

The 27/P also has six primary pockets that are easily accessible, and several accessory pockets that allow for ease and organization. The RAF has two waist pockets with access to inner garments and an upper arm pocket with three pen holder divisions. Both suits have a verity of pockets so it’s truly a matter of preference when it comes to where the pockets are and how much they hold, however the 27/p does offer more options when it comes to pocket size and variety.

When it comes down to it flight suits are much more than a simple uniform. They provide safety and protection to the men and women in the aviation industry. The 27/p Nomex flight suit offers superiority in all categories. In terms of utility the 27/p beats out the competition with a multitude of main pockets and accessory pockets for max versatility.  And when it comes to comfort no other suit offers such features as the adjustable waist band or Bi-Swing back that maximize conform and accessibility. The 27/p is the clear choice when it comes to protection, utility, and true superiority made in the U.S.A. Click here to learn more about Carter’s 27/p Nomex Flight suits.



Carter’s Nomex Flight Suits are NIR-Compliant

During a military battle, one of the best defense tactics is to see your enemy, but avoid being seen by your enemy. NIR-Compliant uniforms help soldiers, marines, and airmen do just that.

These uniforms and military gear utilizes a unique cloth that allows members of the military to “appear at the same radiation level” as the surrounding atmosphere which consequently helps them to go undetected by their opposition. Carter Industries Inc. is proud to say that our 27/p Nomex Flight Suits are NIR-Compliant.

NIR which stands for Near-Infrared, is an invisible level of radiation that cannot be detected by the average human eye. Because of this, devices called NIR Image Converters were introduced in order to be able to detect infrared radiation which allowed individuals to detect soldiers, marines, and other members of the military.

Before the Image Converters were created there were devices that were able to sense temperature which made it easy for members of the military to be detected, since of course, the temperature of a human body can be easily distinguished from any terrain. Because of this, NIR-Compliant gear, is now becoming a standard for military clothing and equipment. It allows military members to go unnoticed by their opposition by blending the radiation of the individual with the battle atmosphere.

Perhaps the easiest way to explain the NIR-Compliant technology, is to compare to camouflage clothing and gear. Camouflage was invented so that members of the military, hunters, etc. would be able to blend in with the background and go undetected by opposing parties and animals in the case of hunting.

In addition to preventing detection by NIR Image Converters, NIR-Compliant clothing and gear are also made to be “less visible in low-light environments by reducing the reflection of light”.

Not only are Carter flight suits NIR-Compliant, but they also contain a host of other features. These features include, but are not limited to, flame-resistance, breathable fabric, 2-way zippers, various functional pockets, and a glove-like fit. Our signature CWU 27/P Nomex Flight Suits are manufactured in the USA under the compliance of the Berry Amendment and we remain the only manufacturer that can provide you with a certificate of compliance, guaranteeing that our suits meet the military standard MIL-C-83141ª.

For more information on our flight suit, or to purchase yours today, click here.

Why Choose Nomex Over Other Materials

Nomex is a flame resistant material that is used in a wide variety of settings. Nomex material can be found in the following applications: flight suits, military apparel, race suits, firefighting apparel, automobiles, and many more. The reason that you will find this material in so many applications is because of the benefits that it provides those industries. Below are 4 benefits of choosing Nomex material over other available material.


1. Flame Resistance. The first and foremost benefit of choosing Nomex over other types of materials is its flammability resistance. If you are involved in an industry and threat of fire or heat can cause injuries to your employees then you want the best material at stopping both the heat and flame itself. Nomex not only exceeds all major standards for flammability it also easily outperforms other types of materials that are used in similar apparel. When compared to 100% cotton or a Cotton/Polyester blend on a vertical flammability test, the Nomex material only chars about 3 inches while both others char 12 inches. This clearly demonstrates that the Nomex is a higher quality material and much more effective in stopping flames, thus resulting in safer workers.


2. Durability. When working in a field that requires this type of apparel it is critical that the apparel is not only flame resistant but also durable. A product that only last a couple months is cost prohibitive, regardless of the potential benefits. Products made with Nomex are durable and can last up to five years when properly taken care of. This can be two to three times the lifecycle of similar apparel made from different material.


3. Comfort. Despite its durability and flame resistant qualities Nomex is extremely comfortable. Its design allows it to have all of these qualities but still feel and act like traditional fabrics used in these applications. It is also more lightweight than its traditional counterparts, adding to the comfort to those who would wear this type of apparel. This comfort means that the apparel can be worn on a daily basis, which also adds to the cost effectiveness of the product.


4. Ease of Care. Another great benefit of Nomex is how easy it is to take care of it. Unlike many specialized materials used in these applications apparel made with Nomex can be washed either at home, industrial laundry facilities or via dry cleaning. The ability to wash products made with Nomex at a variety of facilities greatly increases its usability because it allows for the product to be washed in any setting as opposed to more specialized materials which may need to be sent out and cleaned, leading to down time and the need to have multiple pieces of apparel per person. Again this also adds to the cost effectiveness of this product.


Ultimately the Nomex material has numerous benefits and this is why it is favored throughout the various industries that utilize it. The next time you are looking for the various types of safety apparel, be sure to check and see if the product has Nomex in it, it could very well make the difference between walking away from an accident or suffering severe injuries.


The Evolution of Military Aviation

The military aviation industry has certainly come a long way. In 1903, the Wright Brothers successfully completed the first powered flight, by the mid-1920s, commercial flights were abound and by the later 1940s, passenger flights were available. The emergence of military planes came about by World War I and, albeit, the planes were considered inferior to that of the enemy, the American military had established a very powerful and progressive position in wartime aviation.

So what is in store for the future of military aviation? Modernization of current models, faster jets and more capable unmanned drones are just some of the concepts for military aircraft in the coming decades.


Future Priorities of Military Aviation Programs

A recent Forbes magazine article details some programs that, even in the face of congressional budgets, will not be on the chopping block. In fact, 3 of 5 five programs the U.S. Army and Air Force want to modernize for the future are air and space programs. The F-35A stealth jet striker is set to replace the F-22 fighter, which were terminated by the Obama Administration in 2009.

The next of the 3 air warfare priorities were new aerial re-fuelers, a project to be accomplished by Boeing. The last of the priorities are new LRS-Bs or Long Range Strike Bombers. The current bomber force is reaching its max out age of 30 years and will need to be replaced or upgraded.


Future Concepts of Military Aviation

One of the developing concepts, according to a July article in the Washington Post, details a fighter jet that will have the ability to “break apart” midair, while delivering whatever mission it is on, and then “repair” itself back together. The concept, developed by BAE Systems, is called “The Survivor” and with a light fluid network of nanotubes, the hope is that the jet can separate and come back as one while splitting clouds in the sky.

The U.S. Navy intends on purchasing 60 more MQ-4C Tritons, or unmanned drones, with the hopes of giving them more capabilities besides collecting intelligence from other countries. But according to, some believe the future for unmanned drones is dwindling. The U.S. Navy wants to design unmanned drones to fly for up to 14 hours without the need of refueling but other agencies believe that will reduce not only the drones service life but it may eventually cripple the drones abilities to escape radar and other detection.